Podcast #1: Roberta Perzolla

This is the very first Easy Being Free podcast. My good friend Roberta Perzolla was kind enough to embark on this experiment with me. Have a listen.

How does a geographical location affect your feeling of freedom? Is there a certain mindset in that location that allows for different life styles? Of course there is. And you don’t have to compare with North Korea to notice.

In May 2018 I interviewed musician, dj, radio host and shamanistic healer Roberta Perzolla in Berlin. She also goes by the name of Zelda Panda (as dj and radio host) and Marzipan Marzipan (her band).

Transformative Berlin
Berlin is a city I have visited many times. I have noticed differences between Berlin and Danish cities. Comparing Berlin with other German cities would certainly reveal big differences.

According to Roberta the city of Berlin supports transformation. Whenever I visit there I feel that she’s on to something with that statement. The way she lives her life in the German capital inspired me to ask her if she would be my first guest in my very first podcast.

A friendly freedom talk
We went for a walk in the former Tempelhof Airport that is now a park and talked about freedom, finding your own way, about music, books and basically took at few dips into her life story as an Italian settling in Berlin.

I have known Roberta for many years. We have done various small creative projects together (like the music and video at the bottom of this blog post) and maintained a wonderful friendship all the way. It was a privilege to get to record a chat with her.

A practical note: Experiment
This first podcast is an experiment. Unlike most podcasts which are recorded in studios I tried recording this outside while walking. It presented some practical issues regarding both sound and keeping one’s focus on the interview. The conversation strayed a bit. But on the other hand allowed for a laid back exchange and the surrounding ambience colours the listening experience.

I have uploaded the podcast to Mixcloud, so I could include some music in it as well. I might upload a non-music version on other platforms.

The first five minutes of the interview I filmed as well to give you a sense of the place and situation. But for obvious reasons I couldn’t hold a camera like that for an hour or more. So see below.

I hope you enjoy it!

Roberta Perzolla’s shamanistic healing (website)
Roberta Perzolla’s shamanistic healing (Facebook)

Podcast video intro:

Marzipan Marzipan with Resident Tourist – John’s Song (Music Video):

This text and podcast originally written and produced for Easy Being Free, July 12, 2018.