Update January 2021:
At present time this site works as a portfolio to showcase my work. It does not include everything I’ve done (yet), but it will give you an
idea of what I have done over the years and I what I am currently working on.

Welcome to the website of Lars Kjær Dideriksen

Journalist, PR manager, filmmaker, label/band manager, culture communicator, social media editor, blogger, podcaster, occasional DJ, musician and photographer etc.

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Short Biography

My name is Lars Kjær Dideriksen and I am a journalist.

I have worked in the press (Sjællandske Medier) and in the communication sector. Initially at educational institutions (The Kaospilots, Zealand Business College and VIA University College) and currently as a one man army PR manager at the dance theater Bora Bora in Aarhus.

Among my various projects there are the book-, cd- and web project “århus:nu“, the music documentary “First You Close Your Eyes” and the educational documentary “Working Lab Greenland“.

Besides some film and writing projects I have been involved in music for many years – as a writer, record label/band manager and website editor (among other things: way back starting the now defunct site Supertanker – probably the first English language news site on Danish music).

My independent record label is called SOPA (Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment) and was founded in 2006. Here I have worked with artists such as Katrine Stochholm (Under Byen), Sister Chain & Brother John, Marzipan Marzipan, Nils Gröndahl (Under Byen) etc. The project is currently on a bit of hiatus.

Areas of work: writing, journalism, communication strategy, press relations, website development (content), newsletters, web editor, social media, sound editing, video/film editing, documentary film production, PR, project management, band management, event organizing. Among other things within such areas as culture, theater/dance, music and education.