Official bandsite:
Danish label: Morningside Records (released third album in Denmark as well as Thunderbear solo project. Also the home of Under Byen's manager Jesper Majdall, co-founder of the label)
Danish label: Pladeselskabet - Have A Cigar (EMI Denmark) (released two first albums and "Gå Ind I Lyset" single)
Danish label: Bird Hits Plane Records (BMG Denmark) (released "2 Ryk" soundtrack) (label closed - site down)
North American label: Paper Bag Records (released third album in USA and Canada)
French label: Telescopic (re-released second album)
Dutch label: Excelsior Recordings (re-released second album)
German label: SPV (re-released second album)
German label: Haldern Pop Recordings (released Haldern live EP)
Norwegian label: Honeymilk Records (re-released second album)
Swedish label: Exergy (re-released second album)
Japanese label: Ultra Vybe (re-released second album)

Bands with ties to Under Byen:
Antophones (Morten Larsen plays drums in this band - plus the singers have done live backing vocals at a few UB gigs)
Efterklang (Nils Gröndahl has recorded with this band)
Howe Gelb (Under Byen acted as backing band on the Giant Sand frontman's album "The Listener" and has worked with him since then on other songs)
Larsen & Furious Jane (Nils Gröndahl performs with the band live and in the studio)
My Friend George (the second Under Byen manager Jesper Majdall's band)
Nephew (Henriette Sennenvaldt sang a duet on their album "USADSB")
Singvogel (Lotte Maxild from this band played clarinet on UB's second album)
Sofus Forsberg (Henriette Sennenvaldt sings on Sofus' album as well as performs live with him on occasion. The music video "Autotune Track" with Henriette is streamed on the website)
Strumm (drummer Stine Sørensen became part of UB when she played with them on the European spring tour of 2004)
TV-2 (well-known Aarhus band that founded the label Have A Cigar that Under Byen are released on. Also see the fansite)
Wäldchengarten (UB-remixers and brilliant "noise"-musicians in their own right)

Other collaborators:
Sidekick Impresario (webpage of Under Byen manager Jesper Majdall)
Amanita Design
(webpage of Jakub Dvorský who did the Flash video for "Plantage)
Atomic Agency (Under Byen's Norwegian booking agency)
(website of Under Byen's light engineer John "Skæg" Hedegaard) (the organizer's behind the "Under The Sky" performance in Prague, 2002)
Feedback (the studio in Aarhus where Under Byen has recorded most of their music)
Lasse Hoile
(photographer who did the visuals for the PortPolis performance - slideshow and video in Gallery under 'P')
Mads Vraa (photographer who did the photos for the cd artwork)
Von Baden
(the theatre group which Under Byen has worked with on PortPolis and Totmacher)

Other labels:
Hobby Industries (website/label of UB-remixer and Björk-collaborator Thomas Knak a.k.a. Opiate of Future 3 and System fame)
Jenka Music (the label that releases Sofus Forsberg's albums)
Thrill Jockey (the label that released Howe Gelb's "The Listener" on which Under Byen played and sung)

Info on Under Byen's hometown of Aarhus:
Visit Aarhus (the official tourism website for the city of Aarhus - Denmark's second largest)
VRAarhus ('Virtual Denmark' site)

Other info:
2 ryk og en aflevering (official website of the movie to which Under Byen did the original score)
(listen to snippets from the second album - put in the bandname in the "søg"-field)
VPRO Radio (three Dutch gigs streamed in high quality - sound and video)

Buy Under Byen releases online:
Go to this page for suggestion on where to shop


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