This is a site about the Danish band Under Byen. It is not an official site, although the band has okayed this one. You will find the official site at www.underbyen.dk.

This is a "fansite" (in lack of a better word) and on these pages you will find various information, pictures and links.

As mentioned Under Byen already have an official website of their own. It seems, though, that the band is so focused on the music that their website lives a quiet life. Which is fine. A band putting all their strength into their music is a rare thing.

Still, good music and brilliant bands have the tendency to create attentive and curious listeners. This site is for those of you - in Denmark and elsewhere - who might have a few questions regarding Under Byen. I hope this site can answer some of them.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me with suggestions for improving the site. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have the best I can, but please check and see if you can find the answer on the site before mailing. The band and their manager frequents the discussion forum, so you can try asking questions there too.

Welcome onboard!

Lars Kjær Dideriksen, webmaster.

PS: Regarding photos: This is a non-profit site so if you're a photographer and your photos are on the site please let me know if it is a problem. I will credit you whenever possible and I will of course remove photos if requested. If you're a visitor wanting to use some photos I suggest you contact the photographers. I have done so myself with most of them and linked where possible.



As of April 2005 I have been living in the town of Næstved on Zealand. But before then I lived in Under Byen's hometown of Aarhus - Denmark's second-largest city situated in the part of the country called Jutland. There I discovered the band back in August of 1998 at the local festival week and they blew me away. At the time I worked at the cultural magazine Sputnik where I convinced my editor that we had to write something about this exciting new local band. Until then there had only been a review of the August show in the local newspaper. I interviewed them at the Spot 05 festival in October of 1998 - and actually I still think that the interview I did there was the first one done. I managed to interview them again later - as most of the Danish media didn't really discover them until "Kyst" was released. Lucky people they were. They didn't have to wait, wait and wait for the release of "Kyst" in excitement as I did, because they were more or less oblivious to the band's existence until the album came out.

I'm a journalist by trade and work with communication here and there. I began making this site at a moment when I had some extra time on my hand for such things. A site born in a sudden burst of nerdiness and slight boredom. :-)

Being a big fan of music Aarhus is a quite exciting city these days. The music scene seems to have been reborn after years of slumber. In 2003 I therefore decided to do a book on the people making this a great place to be. And with the help of some other writers it was released in April of 2004. It's called 'århus:nu' and is in Danish. I interviewed Under Byen for the book - and the band donated a brilliant ten minute live track for the enclosed cd (you can read more about it on the Reading and Discography pages and at www.aarhus-nu.dk). A little shameless advertising: you can buy the book through the before-mentioned site or through me.

These days I find pleasure in following the growing popularity of the band, the reactions from new fans abroad and of course still the music itself - The ever evolving sonic organisms that seem to change shape from one great live show to the next. I April of 2005 I attended my 23rd Under Byen concert - not including the guest appearances I have also seen here and there. Yes, the numbers climb when living in Aarhus where the band of course have played many shows over the years.

I also listen to a lot of other music and as this fansite is a clear indication of I like to share my enthusiasm. I do that on my own website as well by writing about cds and records that I stumble across and find interesting there. I also do write about other bits and pieces there.

You can check out my personal website for various recommendations, writings, photos, more info on me and much else.

Feel free to e-mail me if you feel the need to.

Best greets!



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