Various Artists

Massive double-cd compilation with 44 tracks by artists from around the world. Over two and half hours playing time. Contains exclusive tracks by all the SOPA artists as well as loads of other music by a wide range of other musicians. An exciting mix of genres, ideas and personalities.
The music has its origin in 10 countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland, USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Sicily and Bosnia.

You can preview some of the compilation at YouTube and visit the compilation website for detailed information on the individual artists.

Total time CD1: 75:12
Total time CD2: 77:38
100 copies
Released on December 15, 2007

CD price: 80 dkk / 11 euro
Download price: Free / Donate

CD 1:
01. Big Daddy Mugglestone: Service w/a Smile
02. Marzipan Marzipan: The Love Song
03. The Harpies - Fairytales
04. Frisk Frugt - Yes, nu skal vi ud i bilen og vi bestemmer selv hvad vi må
05. Adrian Orange (Thanksgiving) - While You Live
06. Hie Soo Moon - What Are We Gonna Do?
07. Agata & Me - Who Let You Come Out?
08. The Sad Lovers - My Man
09. Machinefabriek - Droog Water
10. My Twin - The Devil Behind Me
11. The Greenlandic Ragga Allstars - Siebsente Lektion
12. Dazzle Ships - Avec
13. 9 - KMF
14. Skammens Vogn - Dårlig Fødselsdag
15. Konrad Korabiewski - Mummy's Birthday Greetings
16. Bleubird - Writer
17. Ear & Dark - Pig
18. KURvE - KURvE Oro
19. Girls Love Rallie - Violent Skull
20. Le Fiasko - Mouse
21. Neueregene - Ex Libris
22. Jackson - I Won't Ever Let You Down
23. Good Luck Casper - The Quitter
24. Sideshow - Interference (Radio Edit)

CD 2:
01. A.K. Hansn - Ud af mit gode skind
02. Oli Oli Oli - Sing Bird
03. Resident Tourist - Tales From The Fleamarket
04. Golden Diskó Ship - Girl As A Slower Ghostship
05. Wendy McNeill - Lutetia (Song Of A City)
06. Privacy - Poem From Thomas
07. Todosch & Kadillac Lobster - Urlaub (Hin Und Zurück)
08. Filkoe - Verreaux's
09. Maria Timm - Not Enough
10. Delay Lama - Sieben Uhr Sonntag
11. Paper Tiger - Lullaby
12. I Like This Wind - My Quiet Rooms
13. The Watery Graves of Portland and Geneviéve - Agace-Pissette
14. Emily Frembgen - Dogs
15. Nils Gröndahl & Oliver Hoiness - Hey Indian
16. Singvogel - Kirurgen (Live)*
17. Mr. Leary - BIN No 812
18. Luwte - Ancestral Primordial Pain
19. Lamburg Tony - Sirasbonga
20. Sgnl_Fltr - Stilgar's Doubt

All songs by the respective artists, except * by Leonard Davies (Fallen Men).
Cover art by Zelda Panda.
Cover layout and compilation website by Jint.

Press info sheet


"SOPA DELICIOSA is one big homage to music. (...) Compiled with love as well as critical sense. (...) A generous mash-up of among other things lo-fi, electronica, singer-songwriting, hip-hop, indie/punk-hybrids and excentric excursions, which doesn't make sense to put in any boxes. It's like a mind-expanding mixtape! (...) If you like music in a wider sense - and even in a bizarre way - there is no excuse for not tasting this dish. And satisfied you will be - guaranteed."
- Cd review by Danish independent music magazine Geiger.


"Album of the week then? Well, if we were to have one then we'd make it a comp and it would be this delightful beast. (...) If you are an open minded soul & want to experience some eclectic new music that may just lead you down other paths of curiosity (Lets face it, there's gonna be some real surprises for most ears on here - your new favourite band could just be waiting for you here!) (..) Give this a shot I implore you!"

Norman Records rating: 'Ecstatic'


"'Alternative' would be the right word a few years ago, but that relates mostly to indie rock these days. But let's try and win it back, sit upright in the chair and experience how the musicians on SOPA DELICIOSA smash open that box in their search for an alternative to what has already been said, sung, written, played - and which has lost its gloss."
- Cd review by Danish newspaper Information.



"Even though we have a mixed bag here the standard is generally high, and the mix sounds less messy to the ear than it does on paper. (...) An abundance of musical originality. (...) A treasure trove for the curious music lover."
- Cd review by Denmark's biggest music magazine Gaffa.


"Both pleases and surprises. (...) A big mishmash - yes, please, but with plenty of gold finds along the way. And it's very easy to find ones favourites. (...) Never has it been easier to go exploring across geographical borders and genres. From here the encouragement sounds: Go exploring, get inspired and be astonished."
- Cd review by Diskant, Danish music webzine.






Agata & Me
A.K. Hansn
Blue Shadow Caravan
Delay Lama
Girls Love Rallie
I Like This Wind
Katrine Stochholm
Marzipan Marzipan
Nils Gröndahl
Resident Tourist
Sister Chain & Brother John

SOPA001: Nils Gröndahl
SOPA002: Marzipan Marzipan
SOPA003: 9
SOPA005: Agata & Me
SOPA006: Girls Love Rallie
SOPA007: Delay Lama
SOPA011: Girls Love Rallie
SOPA012: Sister Chain & Brother John
SOPA013: Girls Love Rallie
SOPA014: Sister Chain & Brother John
SOPA015: Blue Shadow Caravan
SOPA016: A.K. Hansn
SOPA017: Katrine Stochholm
SOPA018: Sister Chain & Brother John

DISTRO001: århus:nu
DISTRO002: Night of the Creeping...
DISTRO003: Golden Diskó Ship
DISTRO004: The Cille
DISTRO005: 9
DISTRO006: My Friend George
DISTRO007: Marzipan Marzipan
DISTRO008: Golden Diskó Ship
DISTRO009: Mef løber tør for kaffe
DISTRO010: Heidi Mortenson
DISTRO011: Heidi Mortenson
DISTRO012: Sister Chain & Brother...
DISTRO013: Thunderbear
DISTRO014: Det Store Varieténummer
DISTRO015: Leonard Davies
DISTRO016: Esther Maria & The...
DISTRO017: Mugglestone Revue
DISTRO018: Singvogel
DISTRO019: Marzipan Marzipan
DISTRO021: Night of the Creeping... v.2
DISTRO022: Spinster Sister
DISTRO023: The Hunters (Cowboy)
DISTRO024: The Hunters (Return)
DISTRO025: Big Daddy Mugglestone
DISTRO026: Per Hoier
DISTRO027: The Hunters (Christmas)
DISTRO028: Singvogel
DISTRO029: The Hunters (Duets)
MERCH001: Way too real t-shirt