SOPA Newsletter # 38 - August 14, 2011: "SOPA CINCO" free download + anniversary show(s)!

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Welcome to the 38th SOPA newsletter!

Hello again. It's not been so long since the last newsletter, but we promised that we would write soon with info on our 5 year anniversary celebrations. So here we are...

The 25 track "SOPA CINCO" anniversary compilation can now be downloaded for free at:
It shows the journey through the five years in tracks from all the SOPA artists. As a special treat we have included two brand-spanking new and exciting tracks for your listening pleasure: "Remember Uncle August" from Girls Love Rallie's coming cd "Son Of Rock'n'Roll" and "On The Roof" from Sister Chain & Brother John's coming LP "The Androgyne Show".
At the present time we have also made most of the SOPA back catalogue available for download at Bandcamp. Soon it will all be there. The single-artist releases will cost money, but the compilations will be free.

Anniversary show(s)
The "All-Star 5 Year Birthday Bash" is at HeadQuarters in Aarhus, Friday August 26th.
On stage is:
- Marzipan Marzipan
- Agata & Me
- A.K. Hansn
- DJ Bjarke Svendsen (Atlas)
+ 1-2 more bands, special guests and surprises live and on videoscreen.

And don't forget that Marzipan Marzipan is also playing the day after (Saturday August 27th) at the venue Atlas supporting Frisk Frugt. Capt. Daydream will also be there to dj.
More info at:

All the info you need on all the 5 year fun you can find at

Tracklist for "SOPA CINCO" - 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

01. Agata & Me: Weltschmertz Collapse
02. Girls Love Rallie: Pictures of Odd
03. Marzipan Marzipan: The Love Song
04. A.K. Hansn: Abens Øjne
05. 9: Pier Rivier
06. Sister Chain & Brother John: Black Room
07. Agata & Me: Mirror
08. I Like This Wind: My Quiet Rooms
09. Girls Love Rallie: Ants On A Log
10. Marzipan Marzipan: Cielo Grigio(la)
11. Agata & Me: Znam
12. Girls Love Rallie: Remember Uncle August *
13. 9: KMF
14. Delay Lama: Sieben Uhr Sonntag
15. Resident Tourist: Tales From The Fleamarket
16. Nils Gröndahl & Oliver Hoiness: Hey Indian
17. A.K. Hansn: Ud af mit gode skind
18. Marzipan Marzipan: The Happy Blues
19. Agata & Me: Who Let You Come Out
20. Girls Love Rallie: Onions & Ice-cream
21. 9: Lullaby
22. Marzipan Marzipan (with Resident Tourist & Marco Barborini): Mantide
23. Sister Chain & Brother John: On The Roof *
24. Delay Lama: Mk. I (Excerpt)
25. Nils Gröndahl: Jeg har noget tilsvarende derhjemme (Excerpt)

* Tracks 12 and 23 are previously unreleased and from coming SOPA releases.
See you out there!
Capt. Daydream


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