SOPA Newsletter # 37 - August 3, 2011: SOPA turns 5! New releases! Downloads! Denmark and Sweden shows! Cds on sale! Videos!

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::
Welcome to the 37th SOPA newsletter!

The last newsletter was in February, so I hope you don't feel we are spamming you? :-) We figured that now it was time to write you again. The reason?

SOPA is 5 years old this August!
Can you believe it? Obviously we can't let this go uncelebrated and unnoticed, so we will make both a compilation release and a special live show.
The "All-Star 5 Year Birthday Bash" will be held at one of the nicest venues in Aarhus: HeadQuarters. This will be on Friday August 26th and so far we've got Marzipan Marzipan, Agata & Me, A.K. Hansn and DJ Bjarke Svendsen (Atlas) on the programme. And more will most likely join soon. And we'll have some guests and surprises too.

A retrospective compilation album with 25 tracks (an hour and a half playing time) will be made available for download at Bandcamp. It can be downloaded for free or you can choose to donate a bit to help further SOPA's activities. The name of this anniversary album is "SOPA CINCO" (obviously!) and will contain some of the best tracks from the entire SOPA catalogue (it was really hard to choose) as well as a couple previews of coming attractions (see further down in this newsletter: New releases).

We will send out another mail soon with details on both compilation and live show when we have them.

Marzipan Marzipan live in Aarhus
On Saturday August 27th (the day after the SOPA 5 year show) Marzipan Marzipan will be supporting Frisk Frugt (featured on the SOPA DELICIOSA-compilation) at the venue Atlas. Capt. Daydream will spin some exotic vinyl from warmer countries that night too and the band Spost is also on the bill.
More info at:

Download SOPA at Bandcamp
It was about time it happened, right? At the moment SOPA is in the process of uploading its entire catalogue to the website Bandcamp. Here you will be able to download everything in various formats (high quality mp3, flac etc.). As of writing this the only album available for download is Girls Love Rallie's magnificent "Les Chansons Terribles". Next up is "SOPA CINCO". And then shortly the rest follows. The compilations will be made available for free download with the option to donate.
Having the albums on Bandcamp also makes it possible for everyone to hear all the music released by SOPA on the website itself.
This is the place to go: .

New releases!
We have two new albums coming up very soon.
Girls Love Rallie will release his second album "Son Of Rock'n'Roll" on cd. Ten new songs with that unmistakenly Rallie pop hook.It will be epic!
Sister Chain & Brother John also release their second album (their first on SOPA). It's called "The Androgyne Show" and is a 100% analogue production. Recorded on tape and transfered directly to LP without any digital processes. It will in fact be the very first vinyl release on SOPA. A fact of which we are very proud. And we promise you: It will be equally grandiose!
You can look forward to these two. They should be here in the last part of the year.
Sister Chain & Brother John are recording the last bits of the album right now. If you want a sneak peek into the recordings have a look at this feature where you can hear some of the title track as well as the utterly beautiful first single off the album "On The Roof"...

Join SOPA on Facebook
If you want SOPA news via Facebook go to Now the address is easier to remember than previously.
Sister Chain & Brother John rock Sweden!
On September 16th and 17th Sister Chain & Brother John will be performing shows at the Live At Heart festival in Örebro, Sweden. They will most likely be going via Stockholm, so we hope to put on a gig there on September 15th. We are working on it, but if you think you can help then please drop a line to us.

Marzipan Marzipan music video
Marzipan Marzipan has a new music video. With fairgrounds, tigers, ballons and fireworks. What more do you want? It's called "I'm Not Afraid Of Tigers" and was made by Amelia Seymour. Watch on YouTube here:
Feature: Sister Chain & Brother John mini-tour
The Berlin duo played a three gigs and did a very amusing radio interview in Denmark in March. For pictures and videos of all that go to:
SOPA at half price at Norman Records
One of the very best online music shops - Norman Records - is having a sale. Here's your chance to get some SOPA releases at half the normal price! Among the ones on sale are releases that are even no longer available in the SOPA webshop! They don't have that many copies left of each, so don't wait too long. :-)
Here are the direct links for the cds:
Nils Gröndahl
Marzipan Marzipan
SOPA Deliciosa
Agata & Me
Girls Love Rallie
Delay Lama
SOPA Curiosa

New distribution items in the shop
We have three new cds in the shop. They're all side projects of Sister Chain & Brother John. Two cds from the old school country combo The Hunters and one album by Spinster Sister which is Sister Chain rocking out with her sister... Sister Swamp. How many times can you use the word 'sister' in one sentence?!
You can find the titles on the SOPA discography page:
- The Hunters: Return Of The Honky Tonk Heroes
- The Hunters: Cowboy Sweethearts
- Spinster Sister: Lucky Drill
More anniversary info soon!
See you out there!
Capt. Daydream

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