SOPA Newsletter # 36 - February 7, 2011: SOPA welcomes Sister Chain & Brother John! (Album + Live in Denmark + Help needed)

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the 36th SOPA newsletter!

Just a few bits of happy news for you this time - and a little plea for help.


Yes, it's true. SOPA and this magnificent Berliner duo have been friends for a while now, but now we're spoken for. ;-)

When Sister Chain & Brother John are releasing their second LP "The Androgyn Show" later this year it will be a co-production between Dwarfhaus Records and SOPA. So yes, this will in fact be SOPA's very first vinyl release. A fact of which we are very proud - besides also being proud that this magnificent duo have chosen to forge a future together with us.

The band's funding for the coming album is still in full swing online at Inkubato. At the moment there is only 8 days left, though. So please go there at pledge money for the album at . This way you will secure yourself at copy of the very first vinyl SOPA release in the process for the amount of just 15 euro. You can also pledge more, if you want. Please note: If you pledge... no money will be taken from your account if the project does not meet its goal.

New songs
To check out some of the new songs featured on the coming album go see some of the videos from their recent SOPA gig. Among them the amazing "On The Roof", the wicked and dirty groove of "Satan Said", the epic title track and several others. "I'm in the waiting room / but there's no doctor behind the door"... Don't we all know that feeling? ;-) As a bonus you also get the duo's intense version of the Pixies classic "Hey".
Go here: .

Sister Chain & Brother John will be coming back up to Denmark from Berlin in a short while. We still need to nail down a few details, but here's what we know so far:

Friday, March 11th: Gig in Aarhus, venue still to be confirmed.
Saturday, March 12th: Gig in Copenhagen at Huset i Magstræde alongside Hymns from Nineveh ( )

And actually we also plan another gig in Aarhus - most likely on Thursday, March 10th - with the duo's old school country-folk-alter-ego-cover-band The Hunters ( ) . Oh yes, they do that very well too! And no worries, we're faaaar away from the likes of Garth Brooks with these two. It's the old school real deal. Something like this, although as a duo... .

Also, they'll probably pop by Aarhus Studentradio for a chat and a song while they're here.

Stay tuned for details!

Agata & Me are recording new material at the moment. When it will see the light of day and where is not easy to say, but they have put up one new songs at Soundcloud. The beautiful and fragile piece called "Wrong Way". Go here: .

News from our friends in Montreal: Endemik Music is involved in a new project that spans the globe. Triune Gods is a trio consisting of Scott Da Ros, Bleubird and their Japanese colleague Sibitt. They have just released their album "Seven Days Six Nights". There's a preview on YouTube: .

AND... a wide selection of music-related videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel lately: .

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See you out there!

Capt. Daydream