SOPA Newsletter # 35 - December 23, 2010: Merry christmas, YouTube bonanza!, new projects, cds & more

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Welcome to the 35th SOPA newsletter!

It's been a long time since we've sent out news from SOPA, but even though we've kept quiet with new releases some things have been happening since we last wrote a newsletter. A lot of it has actually been captured on video. Another reason to send ot this newsletter just now is to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!


Maybe you were there, maybe you weren't. We've collected some photos and live videos from some really great SOPA shows.

First up is the two SOPA Nights we had in Aarhus and Aalborg last year with Marzipan Marzipan, Agata & Me, A.K. Hansn and Sister Chain & Brother John. Lots and lots of music and a really great audience. Thanks!
Go here for that:

This summer the wonderful cultural vessel MS Stubnitz invited SOPA artists to perform on board. It was a special treat be on the deck and see the sun set over the city as the music played. Agata & Me started out and was followed by A.K. Hansn & the Old Shoscombe Place. Mr. Hansn brought along a few sailor songs for the occasion and even managed to smash an old cherished tambourine and throw it overboard (an amusing moment that was actually caught in film - "How to destroy a tambourine in three easy steps").
Here you go:

And a bit over a month ago SOPA hosted a one-off show with Sister Chain & Brother John in Aarhus. An amazing evening of which you can now see several songs from online. Mind you, please crank up the video quality, as the standard setting makes it look a bit muddy.
Go here for those:

Yes, it's true! A new Marzipan Marzipan cd is out. Self-released this time, but of course we want to help it out into the world! Because you know... it's really great and Marzipan Marzipan is one of the reasons that SOPA exists in the first place!
The album was done together with drummer Big Daddy Mugglestone and the result is a strong collection of old favourites and new songs. All played in a wonderfully immediate and spontaneous way that has a bit of a punk-like feel to it. But which still also has the wonder and sweet playfulness that we already know is part of the whole Marzipan Marzipan thing. A eclectic mix of original lyrics, her distinctive voice, guitar, Casio toykeyboard and drums. The cd comes in a great looking cardboard cd-case.
At the moment you can listen to 9 of the albums 16 songs on MarziSpace:
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So yes, the new Marzipan Marzipan cd is in the shop. But we've got more!

The album "Čistačica" by our favourite Balkan rockers KURvE. It's strange calling it a debut album as they have been doing this since 2002, but it IS in fact their first proper album. A favourite live act of many, the band's energy and great songs have been captured brilliantly on this joy of an album. We can't recommend if enough!
You can listen to some of the songs on MySpace:
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And now A.K. Hansn has finally made a reprint of this "Night of the Creeping Catfish" horror story (written in Danish where it's actually called "Mallens Nat"). The first one sold out, but now it's back with a vengeance. The new edition includes two new stories and is thus a "Super Delux Redux" edition! So dive into the underbelly of an Aarhus you never knew existed with this spooky tale of mutant horrors. It's even got a new (old school) cover.
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And just to remind you that the last time we added something to the shop it was the brilliant album "Disneyexorcist" by A.K. Hansn's main vessel Singvogel (which has by the way just been released on vinyl by Mastermind Records, in case you're interested). And also the charming and colourful 7-inch by Mugglestone Revue featuring Margareth Kammerer (which includes the old classic "If I Were A Carpenter").

Berlin-based one-man-band 9 (a.k.a. Marco Brosolo) has been experimenting with music and video for a while now (like his 'Me Against Myself' project: Now he is involved with a lot of other artists in Moving Silence. It is explained as a "new platform for contemporary silent movies". Based in Berlin it's also been to St. Petersburg, Prag and Athens. The idea is to "bring back the poetry of silent movies, connecting the early days cinema-form with the present aesthetics of image and live music production."
Moving Silence is an open network that invites directors and musicians to give new energies and criticisms, encouraging a new discussion about silent movie culture. "Silence is not silent", as they say. Indeed. There are already several video examples of the group's work at


Marzipan Marzipan recently found herself in the USA. There she played a few gigs. One at Cakeshop in New York (see further down in this newsletter) and one in Denver. You can check out a clip from the Denver show on YouTube here:

Our dear friends from Berlin Sister Chain & Brother John are currently working on their next album "The Androgyn Show". Judging from the new songs they played at the recent SOPA gig in Aarhus ( it's gonna be one fantastic record. Right now they are trying to find funding for the project.
In this brave new internet world one can support creative new projects like this by pledging money to the artists through sites like Inkubato. If you do that you will of course get a copy of the album afterwards. Actually you can even get this powerduo to play live at the location at your own choosing, if you pledge a higher amount.
You can see the video where they explain the project here:
So if you want, go there and give these talented people a hand getting their album off the ground. But also to secure yourself a copy.
Visit them at MySpace:

Believe it or not 2011 is actually the year when SOPA can celebrate its 5 year anniversary (more precisely it's in August). Looking back we've already made a lot of fun things happen besides the releases put out ( Luckily a lot of it has been caught on photo and video (
We of course want to get way more live shows off the ground in the new year, but are also planning to release what can become SOPA's very first vinyl release ever. Ta-daaa! Hey, we're a small enterprise, so it's a big deal, he-he! ;-)
And then there's most likely another compilation on the way. Stay tuned for more info.

As always we round things off with a bit of news about our friends and collaborators out there...

Our good friend fastrappin' Mr. BLEUBIRD is a very (hyper?)active man. Touring relentlessly and taking part in more musical projects than one can keep track of. On top of that, believe it or not, he's driving around the United States in his own little minibus! How cool is that?! The project is called Freeebird (yes, with an extra 'e'). And being now 36 web videoes into it he has become like his own little out of control on the road party hard tv-station.
You can see it all at:
He explains it all here:

Also: We've forgotten to tell you that JASMINA MASCHINA and GOLDEN DISKÓ SHIP (both featured on the SOPA CURIOSA compilation) earlier this year released a wonderful split cd/lp called "City Splits #1 Berlin" on the label Monika Enterprise.
You can buy it at:

just recorded their coming album with producer Kramer (Bongwater, Galaxie 500, Low, Urge Overkill etc. etc.) in New York. It should be out some time next year. SOPA founder Lars Kjær Dideriksen was also on trip filming the creative process for a documentary, but also making sure a video blog was made along the way. Four online clips were done. And at the end of the first one you can actually see MARZIPAN MARZIPAN playing live at Cakeshop in New York. A great bossa nova-ish version of "Twist And Shout", believe it or not. :-) We hope to get more clips from that show online later.
Part 1: (Guest star: Marzipan Marzipan)
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

of FALLEN MEN is moving about again writing new songs under a new name. The Lighthouse 5, it seems. The only bit available to the public so far (besides a few live shows) is this DIY music video on YouTube: . But boy, that chorus sticks to your mind, doesn't it? :-) The observant viewer will notice the video features members of SINGVOGEL, including A.K. HANSN.

And in keeping with the christmas spirit in this newsletter here is a link for a video from the very recent SINGVOGEL Christmas show in Aarhus featuring the bands live in the highest gear - as well as Lenny Davies of Fallen Men (okay, we're going in circles now, sorry). :-)
Go here for that:

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That was all for this newsletter. We hope to see you again in 2011!

Merry christmas and happy new year!

Capt. Daydream