SOPA Newsletter # 29 - August 29, 2009: Liveshows and blog

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Welcome to the 29th SOPA newsletter! It'll be rather short this time. But read on. There are shows coming up! :-)

In this newsletter:

The Aarhus Festuge ("Festival Week") has just begun and various things are going doooown these days.
A.K. Hansn has - with bandmates from Singvogel and other sinister characters from the Aarhus underground - created their very own dark harbour inn called Frankenhavn ("Frankenharbour"). A mytholical place in the old docks of Aarhus forgotten by time and most people. A place where the dark ambience of the industrial harbour mixes with music inspired by the setting.
It goes on for several days. It started on August 28th (21.00) and goes on to September 5th (02.00). The bar with inexpensive beer etc. on the menu is open from 12.00 to 17.00 every day. At night the music starts at 21.00.
The musicians of the ‘Frankenhavn’ house band called Fyrpasserne ("The Lighthouse Attenders") have gathered from the beatgroup Singvogel, doomband Sol and freejazz ensemble Square Music - as well as Leonard Davies from Fallen Men. They despense they sailor attitudes and moral decay on the 28th, 29th, 3rd, 4th and 5th.
On September 4th there will be an extra artist on the program: I Like This Wind. A rare SOPA treat, we must say. But nevertheless she's left her home in Tenerife (where she played a string of shows on the NUMAfest tour on the island in the spring) to spend some days in Denmark. Why not a show then? So don't miss out if you're in the neighbourhood.
Read more about Frankenhavn at

SOPA is also planning and scheming at the moment, because we want to do at least one night of music (and other things) in Aarhus in the autumn, so stay tuned for more info when we got it.

We have added a blog to The blog is the playground for all the SOPA artists. Here we can write about anything. It doesn't have to be about our releases or concerts - but it probably also will be - like photos, videos and various writings. We might also share our enthusiasm about other music, films, books that we find inspirational, or just plain writing about "life in general" and things we find interesting, worrying or feel strongly about in one way or the other. We might also outline future projects (releases, events etc.) and invite you to inspire us, if you like.
We welcome any input you may have. Sharing enthusiasm and being an inspiration to one another is a great feeling. Join the fun!
Not so much writing there yet. But we'll get cracking. See you on the blog!

Esther Maria & The Song Horse - featured on the "SOPA CURIOSA" compilation - will do a show as a duo at Vor Frue Kirke on August 29th (tonight) in Aarhus. It's right by Klostertorv/Klostergade/Vestergade and starts around 23.00.
More info and music at

Bleubird is doing a long-ish European tour in September and October. Going through places like Hamburg, Berlin, Budapest, Vienne, Rennes and so forth. Check all the dates and cities at You really don't wanna miss out on if you're around. Some of the shows will be as the duo Prinzenallee - who's got a new release coming out some time in the near future.

Haaaang loooooose, brothers and sisters! :-)

Capt. Daydream