SOPA Newsletter # 19 - March 29, 2008: Two SOPA nights April 2+3

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the 19th SOPA Newsletter!

Sorry to bother you so soon after the last newsletter. But we got
things going on very soon: Two SOPA Nights in a row next week! A nice
selection of SOPA artists and friends. And with a bit of DJ'ing too.
It all goes down in Næstved and Copenhagen.

SOPA NIGHT #3 - Wednesday, April 2nd 2008
9 + Girls Love Rallie + Polsi + Capt. Daydream (dj)
Studenternes Hus, Næstved, Denmark
Starts at 19:00. Entrance: 20 DKK

Bonus info: one-hour train trip from Copenhagen and we'll aim at
finishing in time for the last train back.

SOPA NIGHT #4 - Thursday, April 3rd 2008
Spejderrobot + 9 + Delay Lama + Capt. Daydream (dj)
Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, Denmark
Starts at 21:30. Entrance: 30 DKK

Bonus info: Second Society festival warm-up.

Oh, and if you're in Copenhagen tonight don't forget to go to Stengade
at check out Blob Back Fahrenheit. It will surely be a stellar gig. A
few support acts have been added: Broxe and Kalle Del Hey.
For video of the band's last gig in Aarhus go to

See you out in the real world, people! Uhm, that's the one that's not on tv. ;-)

Capt. Daydream