SOPA Newsletter # 16 - January 11, 2008: Super review, 9 live + cd, new releases and artists, videos & more

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the 16th SOPA Newsletter!

Time for a sopalicious update. And boy, there are a lot of things going on!


The first review of the SOPA DELICIOSA is online and it's by the magnificent Norman Records in the UK. Yes, it's a shop, but if they think a record stinks they'll write it - even though they want to sell it to you. :-) SOPA is proud to say that the release got the highest possible rating ('Ecstatic') and if it hadn't been the last week of the year where "the album of the year" had to be named, then the cd would have been "Album of the week". Here's a bit of what they wrote:

"Album of the week then? Well if we were to have one then we'd make it a comp and it would be this delightful beast. (...) If you are an open minded soul & want to experience some eclectic new music that may just lead you down other paths of curiosity (Lets face it, there's gonna be some real surprises for most ears on here - your new favourite band could just be waiting for you here!) Really, this is the way to check out what's on the horizon in my opinion without having to scour pitchfork or god forbid the NME! Give this a shot i implore you!"

Read the whole thing here:

Go check out their shop anyway. So much good stuff, you can't believe it.

What else?

9 (a.k.a. Marco Brosolo) performed his first of nine "buy it now" performances. This was in December for Italian web-tv. There's a song ("Delay" from the new album) from that show put online here:

Now there are eight more performances to be sold at eBay. For the huge amount of 1 cent (euro) a piece. Go to for more about this. You too can buy a unique show! And you'll get the live recording of it plus unique handmade cover art made at the same time. They will be put for sale later. To keep up you might want to check out the "buy it now" MySpace page made for this project: .
The "regular" cd version of 9's album "Eponymous" is on it's way in a box from Berlin to SOPA HQ right now. So it will be for sale very, very soon. The price is 90 dkk / 12 euro / 17.50 $ and it's not a cd-r this time, but a "real" printed cd.

Speaking of buying SOPA releases... the label is on it's towards global dominance (watch out EMI!). Besides the SOPA online shop, based in Denmark, you can get various of the cds in the USA, the UK, Holland, Germany and Japan at selected shops. Go here for more info on that: .

The springtime will be exciting for SOPA - and whoever is listening in - as more releases are on the way. Besides the brand new SOPA DELICIOSA and 9 cds, Delay Lama have just put the final touches on the recordings for their coming album "Mk I". It shouldn't take long before we got that one ready. Girls Love Rallie seems to be on the move too. The first mixes are at the HQ and the verdict is clear: It's a hit! :-) Damn, that dude can right a tune that sticks in your head, that bastard.

In this newsletter we should also take the time to welcome onboard SOPA the great duo Agata & Me. They also have a release in the finishing stages. And it sounds gooooood. Very subtle acoustic arrangements with bits of electronics and great vocal harmonies. Go to and check out the link for their MySpace page which has plenty of sound on it. If you want the music on cd you will have to wait a bit until the SOPA cd is ready... OR... you have to be lucky when going through some of the airports around Europe. According to the duo's MySpace blog… "music is in the air-port". A certain number of "airport only" promos have been left around for people to stumble upon in these places. As one person commented there: "Oh, Agata & Me. Great believers in randomness". Indeed. What an idea! :-)

Tired yet? There's more.

If you missed out on the SOPA DELICIOSA release party then fear not. Go to SOPA's YouTube and watch video of performances by Girls Love Rallie and Konrad Korabiewski. Thanks a lot playing, guys! It's ready to play for you right here: .

The internet is an everchanging place. Hence the SOPA MySpace has been beefed up with artist pictures and a discography.
And got updated in the Press section (pictures, covers and bios), the new shops around the world and now has a kinky little jukebox which pops up so you can listen to SOPA music while you surf the web. Neat, huh?

A few extra goodies: On the SOPA DELICIOSA compilation there are some great songs by Adrian Orange (Thanksgiving) and The Harpies. On the SOPAtube you'll find the full Orange show from last year's Forma Nova Festival in Fredericia, Denmark, where he did the song "While You Like". And the lovely The Harpies sent a clip of them doing their "Fairytales" song – also on the cd. Gotta love them gals for that song, yeah!

Adrian Orange:
The Harpies:

And finally (already?) we got a huge recommendation for you: The Frem & Forstærket III festival in Aarhus very soon - on January 25th and 26th. You do NOT want to miss this! The first two years were superb and this year already looks mighty exciting. Read more about it here (and see some video from last year): . Come on down and dig the great music and the friendly vibe.

That's all for now. I hope you made it through.

Capt. Daydream