SOPA Newsletter # 15 - December 12, 2007: SOPA release fun this Saturday... come!

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::

Welcome to the 15th SOPA Newsletter!

Sorry to bother you so soon after the last newsletter. But we want to invite you to a little get-together this Saturday in Copenhagen. We're celebrating the release of the SOPA DELICIOSA compilation at Huset i Magstræde (located in Rådhusstræde oddly enough) on December 15th. We will be there from 16.00 to 23.00. The café is open for everyone so feel free to bring your friends.

GIRLS LOVE RALLIE will be playing some acoustic songs live and also spin some nice vinyl as DJ Ralliegator (you gotta love that name. Too!). KONRAD KORABIEWSKI will also treat us with some electronic tunes. CAPT. DAYDREAM will supplement these fine folks with some more pre-recorded music on vinyl. We'll probably start out with dj'ing the first hour or two.
There's a bar in the café too, so what are you waiting for...? ;-)

Later that night another Danish label, Play/Rec, is having its x-mas bash one floor up in the same building. Barra Head and Lack are playing. So plenty of fun to go dig Saturday around that place. If you need help finding it go to the café/venue's website

Just bring yourself and your smiling face, that's all!

The website for SOPA DELICIOSA is finished now and it looks damn cool. It was done by our friendly neighbourhood webdude and music photographer 'Jint'. Go to and read about all the exciting artists on the compilation.
...and check out to see his other work (if you need stuff like that done try and get in touch with him through

In other news:

9 has sold his first "BUY IT NOW" performance on eBay for the staggering amount of 1 cent! :-) An Italian web-tv station bought it. Be sure to check out or our MySpace page for more news on this (we don't want to spam you with e-mails). The remaining 8 performances will be auctioned off later. Go to for more about this too. You too can buy a unique show! And you'll get the live recording of it plus unique handmade cover art made at the same time.

SOPA also has a group on Facebook now (oh, we're so cutting edge, he-he). Join us if you want!

SOPA is also there as an "artist" actually.

There's actually also a bit at iLike (even cuttier'n'edgier?!):

Hope to see you in Copenhagen! If not, then later somewhere! Merry christmas!
Capt. Daydream