SOPA Newsletter # 12 - October 8, 2007: Mega SOPA compilation tracklist revealed + Video feature + Liveshows!

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the 12th SOPA Newsletter!

We got some live shows coming up:

MARZIPAN MARZIPAN will perform live at Fuel in Berlin on October 14th.

And on October 26th we have a bit of a "double feature". In Berlin 9 and MARZIPAN MARZIPAN will do a show with Big Daddy Mugglestone at M12. The same night Berlin-based solo act Golden Diskó Ship will be in Aarhus, Denmark, where she will do a show at the One Man Army festival there... alongside SOPA's RESIDENT TOURIST and other solo acts (hence the festival's name). Yes, Berlin and Aarhus will be connected in spirit that night.
The show in Aarhus will be the actual live debut of RESIDENT TOURIST... who - as of writing this - is frantically pacing the floors at home trying to prepare himself for the show. What it will turn out to be no one knows yet. Yes, no one.

For more info on the shows go to


The SOPA Night in Aarhus went really well. Plenty of great music and lovely people. If you go to the SOPA website there's a special feature for you viewing and listening pleasyre. Some lovely black and white photographs shoot by Steffen "Jint" Jørgensen and a whole bunch of nice live videoes with bits from all the performances: Nils Gröndahl & Oliver Hoiness, A.K. Hansn & The Empty House, Agata & Me, Plastic Society/Fallen Men and Tomas Dalgaard.
This is the direct link:

The nice fellas at LJUD had a great evening the day after. Some video from that show is available at Be sure to check out the coming gigs LJUD are putting on in Aarhus at Stellar stuff! The Necks, Jandek etc.


We can now reveal the tracklist for the coming mega compilation "SOPA DELICIOSA"! 44 tracks on two discs! All in all more than two and half hours of great new music of all kinds. A real find for the curious soul. We're getting the discs, the artwork and a special website ready as of writing this! Should all be ready for sale very, very soon. At a very reasonable price. But for now satisfy your curiosity with this tracklist:

And a little note before we go: We've added an extra mp3 player with more songs to the SOPA MySpace. Check it out at:

Love 'n' good tunes!

Capt. Daydream