SOPA Newsletter # 10 - August 16, 2007: Sep. 7th SOPA Night in Aarhus, AK Hansn live

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the 10th SOPA Newsletter. It's all about concerts this time around.

On Saturday August 18th A.K. HANSN & THE ENGINEERS THUMB will do a show at Kunstbygningen in Aarhus, Denmark. It starts around 14.00, so don't nurture your Friday hangover for too long, okay? ;-) Get your brain ready to enter the universe of Mr. Hansn and his spooky, spoken words. The address is: J.M. Mørksgade 13.

And now we're ready for our second SOPA NIGHT!!!

The first one was in Berlin in May and now we take on Aarhus during the festival week there. So get ready on September 7th. From August 31st to September 8th a whole bunch of great things are going down at Spanien 19C on harbour. All under the name 'Rumstativ'. And we got one night to rock out on.

The SOPA Night on September 7th will feature both some of our own crop, but also friends from around the place:
- A.K. Hansn & The Empty Room
- Nils Gröndahl & Oliver Hoiness
- Capt. Daydream (dj)
- Agata & Me
- Plastic Society
- and possibly one or two more acts

About all the going-ons:
On August 31st Denmark's best and wackiest coverband, Klosterselskabet, are playing. On September 1st you get great bands such as Singvogel and Ear And Dark. And during the week Århus Filmværksted and the great underground cinema Slagtehal 3 will take care of your entertainment needs.
After the SOPA Night, on September 8th, organizers LJUD have the bands Grey Daturas (from Australia) and the amazing Blob Back Fahrenheit (from Copenhagen) on the stage.
NoiseJihad have taken over the afternoons on the 7th and 8th with lots of different acts.

At the website there is more info about these exciting events. The program is not yet 100% set (the SOPA night line-up in this e-mail is the right one). Keep yourself updated at .
And take a dip on these websites too: + + + .

And another note: if you're around Berlin don't forget that Marzipan Marzipan, as Zelda Panda, is dj'ing very often at Intersoup and Bar Roberta. Keep track of when and where at .

Yours in sound and sillyness,

Capt. Daydream