SOPA Newsletter # 08 - May 23, 2007: Copenhagen Saturday & Berliner flashback

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the 8th SOPA Newsletter.

You're getting this today, because we wanted to remind you that NILS GRÖNDAHL (Under Byen) is playing a solo gig this Saturday (May 26th) in Copenhagen. Well, it's not strictly solo as he has invited Oliver Hoiness (of Blob Back Fahrenheit , We Love You Joy - formerly Joy Lieberkind) to perform with him. What to expect? Who knows? But it will probably involve violin, a lot of effect pedals, an old tape echo machine and lots of other sound producing gadgetry. Drop by and find out! ;-)

The show has been put on to promote one of this summer's best Danish festivals Forma Nova in Fredericia. The other bands this Saturday are Harmony Boys, De Agtige and Lamburg Tony - plus DJs (Rumpistol, Copyfokking & Carl Emil) and visuals (Bottega Arete). All for the ridiculous small sum of 50 DKK for the whole night. You can read about it all here:

SOPA had a great extended weekend in Berlin recently. A fantastic evening at the venue Schokoladen with MARZIPAN MARZIPAN, KURVE and GOLDEN DISKÓ SHIP and then the SOPA label night itself at Ausland the day after with KURVE, 9, ANIMALLOVERS, AGATA & ME and CAPT.DAYDREAM. So much great music, sunny weather all the time and the beautiful vibe of hanging out with fantastic people in summery Berlin. Who could ask for more?

Soon there will be a feature on about the shows. Probably with text, pictures, mp3s and videos. For now you can sneak a peek at two live clips by MARZIPAN MARZIPAN (with Big Daddy Mugglestone on drums) and KURVE from Schokoladen here:


At the moment CAPT. DAYDREAM is working hard on compiling a cd with music from SOPA and friends around the world. All sorts, shapes, sizes and sounds. Exciting stuff. Stay tuned for more info!

See you on Saturday, if you're in Copenhagen! ;-)

Capt. Daydream