SOPA Newsletter # 07 - May 1, 2007: It's (a)live!!!

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the seventh SOPA Newsletter.

SOPA is having some interesting live activity in Denmark and Germany at the moment. Including some rather rare live appearances with Delay Lama and Under Byen's Nils Gröndahl in Denmark. So let's break it down:

This Friday, the 4th of May, we're having the very first SOPA Night in Berlin. That's at the venue Ausland and with the following performing: 9, KURvE, Animallovers, Agata & Me, CAPT. DAYDREAM (dj) and a few surprises as well.
Read more here: .

Listen to KURvE at:

Listen to 9 at:

And have a look and listen at Animallovers here:

But you knew all that already, of course. It's gonna be great! :-) So here's the new stuff...

DELAY LAMA will do one of their rare live appearances of beats, noise and electronics on May 12 at the Student House in Copenhagen alongside other bands Good Luck Casper, The Village Idiot and The Amaranths.
You can read more at .

(It seems DELAY LAMA will play around 01.00 in the night, so why not recommend another gig elsewhere earlier that evening: the great Lucky Dragons from the USA at Global - ).

On we go...

On May 26 NILS GRÖNDAHL of Under Byen will do a rare solo performance (although maybe with some friends to help out) in Copenhagen at the venue Global. This is part of a bigger line-up to promote one of this summer's best Danish festivals Forma Nova in Fredericia. The other bands are Harmony Boys, Blob Back Fahrenheit, De Agtige and Lamburg Tony - plus DJs (Rumpistol and others). Be sure to know that this event can't turn out to be less than fantastic.

And "as always" - one can be tempted to say - MARZIPAN MARZIPAN is out and about doing gigs, oh yes...

May 3rd at Schokoladen in Berlin - with KURvE.

May 22nd at Club Der Polnischen Versager in Berlin.

May 24th at Intersoup in Berlin.

And MARZIPAN MARZIPAN is also spinning some lovely records as ZELDA PANDA at Intersoup every Sunday evening. Go there, sit down in the great old furniture (or hide in that odd, but cozy Indian corner in the back), open your ears to Panda's "sofasound" and order some soup or those nice chicken-and-shrimp-dumplings and dip them in sweet'n'sour sauce or ginger. Yuuuummy. ;-)

By the way: MARZIPAN MARZIPAN is playing live as a duo at the moment. ZELDA PANDA is in the great company of Big Daddy Mugglestone who supplies some mean drumming to the loopy tunes. So don't miss out. It's a totally new experience. :-)

And what about the new SOPA releases? About three or four of them are in the mixing/mastering phase right now, so it won't take long. A fifth - a rather eclectic compilation - is now also in the works.

Also: a little new thing on a feature with a few words on Kurt Vonnegut and his - to him unknown - relation to SOPA.

Happy May 1st, folks!

El Capitan says: See you in Berlin... and everywhere else!!!

Capt. Daydream