SOPA Newsletter # 04 - February 3, 2007: first SOPA cds out now!!!

::::::::::::::: SOUND OF PERPETUAL ASTONISHMENT :::::::::::::::


Welcome to the fourth SOPA Newsletter.

Yes, not much time has passed since the last one, but this is newsworthy: the first SOPA cds are finally available for sale!

We celebrated the release last weekend at the Frem & Forstærket II festival in Aarhus with a bottle of bubbly on stage at the Marzipan Marzipan show. Check out the label site for pictures.

Here's what's available at SOPA right now:

SOPA001 - Nils Gröndahl: Jeg har noget tilsvarende derhjemme
50 copies
50 dkk / 7 euro / 9 $

SOPA002 - Marzipan Marzipan: s/t
100 copies
60 dkk / 8 euro / 11 $

As you can see there are limited quantities - so order now! We already sold some at shows and there have been some online pre-orders.

Distribution items:

DISTRO001: århus:nu
40 dkk / 5.50 euro / 7 $)

DISTRO002: Night of the Creeping Catfish
50 dkk / 7 euro / 9 $

Check the Shop page at for information on shipping costs and payment.

A few extra notes:

- Pictures from the Frem & Forstærket II festival with MARZIPAN MARZIPAN and A.K. HANSN (with Singvogel and others) are now online at >>>

- And there are also pictures now from the DELAY LAMA gig at Christiania in September. >>>

Take care, folks!

Ready to take your order,
Capt. Daydream