Can you believe it's been four and a half years since Sister Chain & Brother John last played their glamrocking cabaret / music hall songs in Denmark? We can't believe it either! All the more reason to rejoice - because they are finally back!

On Friday August 10th they will perform at HeadQuarters in Aarhus - with both old songs and new songs! And probably an inventive cover song or two.

They will be joined by Fantomplads. And who are they you may ask? Well, none other than the two Singvogel-members you also know as A.K. Hansn and I Like This Wind. Fantomplads is a new project that mixes ethereal vocals, found sounds and an analogue "backing band" of automated mechanical gadgetry.

In other words, not a night to be missed!

Practical info:
Doors: 19:00
Entrance: 70 DKK
Valdemarsgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Facebook event

Today we celebrate the release of the final part of the Girls Love Rallie album trilogy. Please welcome "Wet Blankets & Warm Beer"! Girls Love Rallie and L. Melvis will be playing an in-store concert at BadstueRock in Aarhus at 16:00. More info on the album here!

Sister Chain & Brother John's new 7" picture disc single "Stayig In Soho" is now available! Featuring two tracks and beautiful images on both sides. More info here!

On January 27th we celebrate the release of Katrine Stochholm's "Danser Til Radio". Katrine will be playing at HeadQuarters in Aarhus and along for the fun is support act Yune and DJ Gul. Entrance is just 50 DKK presale (65 DKK at the door) and doors open at 19:00. Live music starts at 21:00. More details on Facebook.

Sister Chain & Brother John will be performing at special set with various surprises at the British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin on January 14th. This will take place at Sputnik Kino in Kreuzberg 22:00. More details on Facebook.

Hip-hooray, today is the day! :-) 11/11 at 11:11 Katrine Stochholm's solo debut "Danser Til Radio" is released. You can listen to it and buy the download and/or beautiful gatefold LP (limited to 300 copies) in our Bandcamp shop. The album is also available as download and streaming at Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Tidal. We hope you like it! We do! ;-)

Katrine Stochholm's "Danser Til Radio" which is released on November 11th is now ready for pre-order at Bandcamp, as well as Norman Records in the UK. Danish distributor Rillbar is following shortly.

We are happy to inform you that Katrine Stochholm's album "Danser Til Radio" will be released on November 11, 2016! We are very excited. It's an amazing collection of songs.
Her single "Fugle Krybdyr Rovdyr Padder" is currently spending its third week on the Danish Nation Radio DR indie chart Barometerlisten. Go here to vote!
Blogs, radio and newspapers from Denmark and Belgium to Russia and France have already praised the first two tracks from the album. And Bandcamp has featured one of them as well. The tracks are also on the major digital platforms such as Spotify and Amazon.
You can also get a sneak peek at the track "Kompas & Rumraket" (Compass & Rocket Ship) in this live video from Spot Festival.

Sister Chain & Brother John are once again supporting none other than Lene Lovich. This will happen at the venue Luxor in Arnhem, Netherlands, on October 9, 2016.

The audience at this year's Spot Festival is in for a treat. Katrine Stochholm will be performing with The Embla, Spejderrobot and string ensemble Who Killed Bambi.
Also: Katrine just set free her second single off the coming album. It's called "Fugle Krybdyr Rovdyr Padder" and VJ Lau Linquist made this video for it. A beautiful track indeed! :-)


What a way to start a new year! We are very proud and happy to announce that Katrine Stochholm has chosen to join us at SOPA. Today you can listen to the first single off her coming LP "Danser til Radio". The song is called "En Dejlig Aften, Stille Sølvklart Vandet" (words by poet Emil Aarestrup) and you should go to Bands of Tomorrow to check it out.
Those of you who know your recent Danish musical history will remember that Katrine co-founded and was the main composer of Under Byen - one of the most critically acclaimed Danish bands (at home and abroad) in the last 15-or-so years.
Go to Facebook, like her artist page and get the latest news straight from the source.

A.K. Hansn's LP is here and ready to go in a week's time! SOPA's sweet sixteenth release. We celebrate the release of "Heroicus Interruptus" at Ambassaden in Aarhus on September 19th! Go here for more info on the album.

Sister Chain & Brother John will play a special show at Hanut Theater in Tel Aviv on March 14. Limited seats available so get your tickets in advance here (Facebook event).

A.K. Hansn will be performing live at the release party of his and Emil Brahe's new set of comic books on November 29th at Ambassaden i Aarhus. Read more at their independent publishing house Gymnoten.

Sister Chain & Brother John have started a crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo for their forthcoming SOPA picture disc seven inch single "Staying In Soho" (backed with "Jacky"). We'll let Brother John pursuade you to pre-order and support the project in the video below. You can listen to a snippet of the song at Soundcloud. And do all your supporting here at IndieGoGo. Make it happen (or their cat Uncle Edgar will be very cross)! ;-)

We had a great trip to the Live At Heart Festival in Sweden. We also made a little video with snippets from various performances by I Like This Wind. Beautiful, isn't it?

Next week Sister Chain & Brother John will be returning to the Live At Heart Festival in Örebro, Sweden. And this time they are bringing I Like This Wind and A.K. Hansn's band Singvogel with them! The bands will be playing several gigs there, so there's a good chance to get a dose of SOPA there. The festival runs from September 3rd to 6th. Visit the festival website for more details, venues and playing times.
This is the fourth time that Sister Chain & Brother John play the festival. Go here to see videoes and photos from last year.

Two new distribution items in the SOPA shop!

Singvogel - Forår 7"-single

A.K. Hansn's band Singvogel at their rocking best with two twisted springtime songs about hardship in countryside suburbia. Go here!

The Hunters - Duets CD-album

Wonderful album of duets by country band The Hunters. Classics, forgotten gems and original stuff too. Go here!

Blue Shadow Caravan's beautiful new album "The Marvellous Real" is now available to buy! Go here for stream and info - or go directly to Bandcamp.
Tonight we celebrate the release at HeadQuarters in Aarhus (Facebook event). See you there!

SOPA welcomes Blue Shadow Caravan! On March 8th 2014 we will be releasing their debut album "The Marvellous Real". This we will be celebrating with a live show at HeadQuarters in Aarhus, Denmark. As an extra treat I Like This Wind will be performing as well! More info on it all in the Live Calendar!

Marzipan Marzipan has four spring concerts coming up in Berlin. The first on February 14th. Sister Chain & Brother John play their first Berlin show in ten months following lots of touring abroad. This is on February 21st. The band also opens an exhibition of Sister Chain's comic "Sister Chain, Brother John & The Promoter From Hell" on March 1st. More info on it all in the Live Calendar!

Sister Chain & Brother John will play a selection of shows in the UK in December and January. In Sheffield on December 20, in Brighton on News Year's Eve and in London on January 2nd. More info on the shows in the Live Calendar.
Also: The band now has a brand new website where you will find videos, pictures, various writings and where you can shop for their wonderful albums and EPs. Check it all out at

Two new web features with photos and videos have been made. On from Sister Chain & Brother John's shows at the Live At Heart Festival in Sweden (go here) and one from their show together with Girls Love Rallie in Copenhagen (go here). Don't miss the Victorian duo's version of an immortal 70's disco classic.

SOPA will be part of Labelday in Copenhagen on October 5th and Girls Love Rallie will be performing with his band The Rhubarbs. We'll bring along lots of goodies and are of course up for a nice chat with you. It all happens at the library on Rentemestervej from 15.00-22.00. Lots of other exciting Danish labels will be there as well.
More info (in Danish) on this website.

Sister Chain & Brother John are set to play four shows at the Live At Heart Festival in Örebro, Sweden. Also: On September 14th they will be playing at the Studenthouse in Copenhagen - alongside Girls Love Rallie! Yes, one of those rare chances to hear Rallie's magnificent songs live. And in cahoots with your favourite Victorian glamrockers! Capt. Daydream will be dj'ing as well.
Also: Agata & Me will be playing at the Aarhus Festival Week on August 31st. More info on the shows in the Live Calendar.

Sister Chain & Brother John will be returning to the Live At Heart Festival in Örebro, Sweden, again this year. The festival is running from September 4th to 7th. We will let you know at which venues the band will play as soon as we know it. For now visit the festival at Liveatheart.se. Or the band's profile on the festival site.

During their Danish tour in April and subsequent shows in Germany Sister Chain & Brother John released a tour EP called "Take Cover". After playing the USA and now with shows in Israel coming up it is only fitting that we now make this cd available to order through the SOPA website.
The cd contains four cover songs that these two fine musicians have made their own at various occasions when on the road. The originals are by Pixies, David Bowie, Question Mark & The Mysterians and Cream. Two of these recordings were recorded live in concert and two were recorded at the band's home studio. The release features lengthy sleeve notes by Thomas Douglas Eaves, Professor Emeritus, in handfolded cover.
Also new in the SOPA shop today is the a cd that might not fit the current summer time, but now there's no excuse to forget it before the end of the year. We present to you: "Merry Christmas with The Hunters." 16 great yule tide songs - known and unknown - done by your favourite old school country'n'western band along with their friends. More info.

Following their trip to the USA Sister Chain & Brother John now head off to Israel. So far two shows have been confirmed: Ozen Bar in Tel Aviv on August 8th and Uganda in Jerusalem on August 9th.

Nils Gröndahl will be performing as part of the Henry's Dream festival in Copenhagen next week - starting July 18th. Read more at the festival's website and check out the line-up at the Facebook event page.

Your favourite Victorian glamrockers Sister Chain & Brother John are currently in the USA. You can follow the adventures on their Facebook page!

This weekend (May 17-19) A.K. Hansn, I Like This Wind and Agata & Me will perform at the Hjortshøj Festival outside Aarhus, Denmark. All Saturday 18th. A.K. Hansn will besides his solo show also be performing with his band Singvogel. More info at www.hjortfest.dk.
Also: Sister Chain & Brother John will hosting their second night at the FireWater Closet in Berlin on May 22nd (Haus1 next to Hallesches Tor).

Sister Chain & Brother John are rounding off their trip to Denmark and we have put together a few videos and photos from the shows, from recordings and various other things on this feature page.

Sister Chain & Brother John are visiting Denmark next week to do a mini-tour. Here are the dates!

April 4th: Uteater, Odense, 20:00 (FB)
April 5th: Slagtehal 3, Aarhus, 19:30 (FB)
April 6th: Badstue Rock, Aarhus, 13:30 (in-store concert) (FB)
April 12th: Klub Møtrik, Maskinen, Svendborg, 20:00 (with Singvogel and Medicinmanden & Multikunstneren) (FB)

Marzipan Marzipan will play a show in Bologna, Italy, on March 29th. A bit of a "homecoming" show, it seems. So don't miss out if your in the neighbourhood of MODO Infoshop around 19.00. More info

If you like your Valentine's Day sweet (you should!) then there is no excuse not to drop by Soupanova in Berlin on February 14th. Around 22.00 in evening Marzipan Marzipan will be performing live. More info in the Live Calendar.
Also: Don't forget that Marzipan Marzipan a.k.a. Zelda Panda is still doing radio shows at Reboot.fm, which you can stream here.

Oh joy! Three shows by Sister Chain & Brother John coming up in Germany. First is on February 9th in Berlin. In March they play Aschaffenburg and in May they are back in Berlin playing with Lene Lovich Band. Check the Live Calendar for details.
Stay tuned for news about more shows in Germany and Denmark soon!

In case you are in need of SOPA's postal address, you should know that we have moved headquarters to a new location. Henceforth snail mail and other such enquiries should go to:

Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment
v/ Lars Kjær Dideriksen
Fjældevænget 100, 2. t.v.
8210 Aarhus V






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