Move Your Mind Festival

What makes you reflect? What makes you think about your life? What makes you encounter new perspectives and other opinions than your own? Of course, meeting other people. But also seeing movies, listening to music, reading books and so on. Culture!

My dayjob is being the PR Manager at the dance and performance theater Bora Bora in Aarhus. And I’ve been busy. For the whole month of October we presented the Move Your Mind festival with dance performances, talks, documentary film, workshops, conversation events and more. 

As the PR Manager I among other things write press releases for the media, do graphic design, make print and online ads, edit videos, film videos, run the social media channels and the Bora Bora website.

I made the festival video trailer using footage from very different sources. It can be tricky. I also worked with the graphics agency Vulkan Bureau who did the visual profile for the festival. I used those designs to create various postcards, web-banners, LED signs and so on. 

It was some long days and long nights, as I was also documenting the festival events. But the pay-off was experiencing the performances, the artists and how the audience reacted to their work. 

Contemporary dance and performance is a wonderful artform. It melts together so many artistic disciplines, so the variations on it seems endless. It’s global, it crosses language barriers. It is as open to interpretation as a piece of music or an abstract painting. What I see and feel is not the same as the person sitting next to me. It makes for some interesting conversations on art and life afterwards.

This artform challenges me on several levels. As well as my expectations. It broadens my horizons and makes me think. Not bad for a bit of movement, light and sound in a black box.