New Habit of Running

I’m running! How did that happen?!

I’ve never really been much of a runner. Tried in the city and the gym. It’s hard on the knees even with the right shoes. I’ve walked. It helps me clear my head.

But since I’ve moved to the countryside, running has been doable for me. I go out the front door and there I go. Fields and forests are there in minutes. I am alone with myself and there is practically zero traffic. I love it!

No music in the ears. I want attention to be on the body, my surroundings and the present moment. Music – however lovely – diverts the attention by triggering moods and memories.

I read somewhere that we all have about 15-20 events in our life that can push us in new directions. It could be a move to a new location, a new job, a break-up, health issues with family or yourself or… you name it. A moment ripe for change. A clean – or cleaner – slate on which you can erase old habits and more easily introduce new ones.

My girlfriend and I managed to do this without an overly conscious effort when we moved in together. We rented a house in a small village somewhere between the two cities where we work and used to live. In our new place we have a new kitchen and a new environment for our habits.

We already knew what was good and less good. We put the better habits on the table. Food choices first and foremost as well as doing some walking to check out our new surroundings.

I’ve always had a tough time with running. But the scenery helps me. It is actually nice being out there. I found short routes around town that I could run in different ways. 

I also try to eat fewer carbohydrates. To get the body to burn more fat. And most days I also try to do the 16/8 hour fast. Only eating between 12 noon and 8 in the evening. That way I can sleep half of the fasting time.

I have always been the ”I can’t leave the house without breakfast” kind of guy. So it was strange. I do feel hungry. But I thought: It is also strange to never feel a bit hungry. I’m sure that is healthy too. 

The results were there from the start. Losing weight, feeling more energetic, more focused and getting better sleep. 

But I started it during my holidays. Great first two weeks. Then we did two trips away from home. Sticking to the fasting and low carb food proved rather difficult.

Having the holiday time was good to get started, but it is not a good time to start creating an everyday habit. It needs to fit the working day. I hope this will get easier once the rhythm of work comes back.

I combine all this with doing ”The Plank” every day. This has really helped my posture.

It’s a lot to start on at the same time, but for me it works to actually feel the decision clearly. Even though I know I have to take small steps for things to stick.

Wish me luck!