Note to self – don’t wait

How does one get started? A very worthwhile question for the first post on this blog.

Did you know that many musicians suffer from gas? No, not flatulence. It’s G.A.S. – short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

The logic goes: If I buy that new guitar I can write that song that I have been thinking about for so long.

It’s not just musicians. Photographers suffer from the same. And most of us are familiar with this feeling in one shape or the other. A need to get a thing or do something before you actually do what you should. A sort of procrastination.

What does this have to do with blogging?

I probably shouldn’t tell you when I bought the domain name for this site. It’s been a while. Much thought has gone into the content. I thought I had a clear idea. I have written an insane amount of notes on the concept. Everything had to be just right before I started. I juuust had to sort this little thing out before I could really get going with the blog.

That is the sure-fire way to not getting started.

So here we are: A stumbling start. An unshapely blog that will find its form along the way. These notes will hopefully be on how to achieve a higher degree of freedom in one’s life.

I will try and learn from the same words that come to mind when I look at the dirty dishes in my sink: Do it now. Don’t save it for later. It will be over before you know it, if you just do it. Now!

This text originally written for Easy Being Free, May 14, 2018.