marzipan marzipan

a crossover
experiment of
soft noise
lo-fi discodance
and countryswing





the sirens of TITAN by kurt vonnegut, arena/BIG THING by duran duran , X-RAY SPEX, dinah washingtonCRY ME A RIVER, Ornette ColemanLONELY WOMAN, apo_calypso, benny moré, CANTO DE OSANHA, John ColtraneMY FAVOURITE THINGS, old Italian songs, Old records, andrea pazienza, ciccone youth, ringo starr, john lennon +the Plastic Ono band ,the Beatles, giant sand, David BYRNE, arto lindsay, Hank Williams sr., Peter LiechtiSIGNERS KOFFER,Diamanda Galas+J.P.JonesTHE SPORTING LIFE, pascal comelade, Marilyn Monroe, swing, JAZZ, JAZZ, JAZZ! ,mr.bungleDISCO VOLANTE, country, COUNTRY blues, saguaros, sally brown & the peanuts, the cities of berlin & aarhus, the magic of MUSIC , the sense of HUMOUR, winnie the pooh



Small, charming rock-miniatures. (...) The result was music whose minimalistic form wasn't far from an electroclash act like Peaches, but in tone and ring seemed closer related to early The Cure or Velvet Underground. (...) A pleasant, fresh and unpretentious acquaintance, which one would like to make again - or listen to again on her latest cd-r-release.
- Live review in Danish music
mag Geiger, august 2006


marzipan marzipan