Read the book behind the film and trip to New York and Canada in Danish.
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Links to the original posts in the 'Støj på overfladen' blog below:

Making A Movie # 1: Announcing film, first thoughts and inspiration

Making A Movie # 2: Camera, more inspiration, rules

Med ørerne i maskinen hos Onkel Rejsende Nørd: Music for the trip

Making A Movie # 3: Arrival in New York and first video blog

Spøgelser i jetstrømmen: Jim inspires a few words

It's A Man's Man's Hattan: A bit of creative writing on The Big Apple

Making A Movie # 4: First recordings and the studio

Making A Movie # 5: The second video blog and seeing New York

Making A Movie # 6: Doing interviews and moving to Brooklyn

Making A Movie # 7: Third video blog and going to Canada

Making A Movie # 8: First experiences in Montreal

Making A Movie # 9: Music, movies and bikes in Montreal

Making A Movie # 10: Fourth and final video blog and leaving Canada

Making A Movie # 11: New York attitude, folk art and good storytelling

Making A Movie # 12: Logging material

Making A Movie # 13: First part of editing

Making A Movie # 14: More editing, adjustsments and rules

Making A Movie # 15: First feedback, more adjustments and dvd

Making A Movie # 16: Protagonist feedback and final thoughts

Filmed and edited by Lars Kjær Dideriksen
Music by Esther Maria (original album demos used)

#1 Prelude:

#2 First Recordings:

#3 Finishing Recordings:

#4 Going North: