Yes, I love Berlin. Been there a few times by now. Here are some impressions from those trips.

April 2013
Gaza Benefit, FireWater Closet, Visual Aid at Malzfabrik with Theresa Stroetges (Golden Diskó Ship) and
Liz Kosack / Kevin Norton Duo, German/Swedish poetry event at Ausland.

September 2012
Filming music videos, Berlin Marathon, Spinster Sister, Radiohead.

July 2012
Kreuzberg, Patti Smith, Oranienburg, street art, architecture, Kater Holzig, Down By The River Festival,
Cassiopeia, Admiralsbrügge/Canal, Tempelhof, Görlitzer Park, Fitzcarraldo, Museum of Photography,
Black/White portraits.

April 2012
The Hunters, Kugelbahn, radio show.

March 2012
Sister Chain & Brother John release party, Kugelbahn, Südblock, lesbian linedancing, The Squid Libets, Boxhagener Platz market.

December 2011
SOPA Night#8 at Antje Öklesund, Sepp Maiers 2raumwohnung, christmas shows, Sowieso.

July 2011
Victoria Park, Viv Libertine gig, Dwarfhaus Studios, Another Country Bookshop, CCCP Club.

April 2011
Concerts, biking, record shops, good food and good times.

March-April 2010
Golden Diskó Ship and Jasmina at Ausland, Smyrna snack shop, Hauskonzert at Pandahaus with Kadillac Lobster,
Sister Chain & Brother John, Todosch, Esther Maria and more, Bar Roberta, 'Playdate' at Ausland, Todosch's art studio.

August 2009
Tentstation, art market on a Kreuzberg bridge, Lucky Dragons at Madame Claude.

April 2009
White Trash, J. Tex., zydeco band, Potsdamer Platz, Holocaust memorial, record shops, Kim Bar, Neurotitan,
Transit, natural history museum, Antje Öklesund etc.

July 2008
Justice Yeldham, Radiohead, Filkoe, Babel Fishh, Audio 88, Oskar Ohlson, Bleubird, Messer Chups, Manuela Krause,
Marzipan Marzipan, Betty Confetti, Heidi Mortenson, The Beatitude, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, KDW,
Checkpoint Charlie, Madame Claude,Tentstation, Festsaal Kreuzberg etc.

May 2008
Tom Bug, Intersoup, Bleubird (Prinzenallee) at Bar 25, Golden Diskó Ship in Kreuzberg,
Bobby & Blumm and Snöleoparden at Antje Öklesund, 9 & DJ'ing at Zur Moebelfabrik etc.

May 2007
Gigs with Marzipan Marzipan, KURvE, 9, Golden Diskó Ship, Agata & Me etc.

March-April 2007

The Necks gig, Intersoup, Antje Öklesund etc.

October 2006

Bleubird gig, record stores, music instrument museum etc.

May 2006
Marzipan Marzipan recordings, Blob Back Fahrenheit gig, Howe Gelb gig etc.

'Notes 2005' - August 2005
A bit of creative writing in English alongside some pictures. And a video and some more pictures.

'Noter 2004' - April 2004
A bit of creative writing in Danish. Plus some "tourist" pictures.

Big City Morphine - Berlin in 1910 through Danish eyes
A great little Danish text I found at the fleamarket.

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