This time I was following one of my longest Berlin trips (July) with one of the shortest. I chose to go back for the Radiohead concert that was supposed to have happened in July, but which was postponed to September. In an extended weekend - a short hit and run operation - I also got to film two music videos, see the Berlin Marathon and meet Sister Swamp and family. Not bad for a bit under four days.

Scroll all the way day for (not so good) pictures from the Radiohead show.


Marzipan Marzipan & Resident Tourist - John's Song (at the Berlin Marathon)

I managed to film a music video for the track Panda and I recorded back in July. John Lennon's song "Watching
The Wheels". I think it turned out quite good. And Panda is amazing in it!
This is streamed from the Vimeo site. The video is also on YouTube.

Sister Chain & Brother John - Satan Said

x But before filming the Marzipan Marzipan video the night before I filmed this one with Sister Chain & Brother John.
It was shot after midnight in Victoria Park which was only lit by the full moon - and the fire we brought along.
Lisa Meyer is the talented "feur peu" artist in the video. It is also on YouTube.

Uuuuh! Saturday with The Hunters at Marheikenplatz, Kreuzberg.

The Marheinekenplatz markthalle inside.

Where there was an exhibition of drawings - for newspapers, I think. A country band played at the opening.

One of the drawings. Liked this one.

Before filming the night time music video I was testing the camera settings with fire in the darkness - and a tired Sister Chain.

The monument in Victoria Park. The scene of the crime. Not really that visible in the video because the moonlight
wasn't enough for live video. But with long shutter time on still photography it works.

Sister Chain & Brother John "on set" with amazing "feuer peu" girl Lisa Meyer.

A bit more of the beautiful, yet eerie moonlit monument. No electrical lights in the park. As hoped.
Quite a few people were taking an evening stroll there.

Sister Chain up close and personal - with the infernal.

Next morning: Brunch on the sidewalk in Reichenberger Strasse where the Berlin Marathon was running by. Amazingly delicious apple cake.

The Berliner Morgenpost was covering the going-ons along the route. This was bound to cause attention.


All the plastic cups with water given to the runners made a loud, continuous crackling sound when they were trampled underfoot in the street.

Rock'n'roll Marathon!

Trio Bella Italiana.

The job after the marathon doesn't suck. It blows! :-)

All very, very cozy and mellow.

I brought a handful of the by now harder-to-find cassette tapes, so Sister Chain and Sister Swamp - a.k.a. Spinster Sister - could
record some songs on the four-track at Dwarfhaus Studios.


Sister Chain on the vox.

Mic check, 1-2-1-2.

Always teatime.

Getting the hang of the four-track.

Driving home after hours of hell in Berlin rush hour.


And below are a selection of photos from the Radiohead gig at Wühlheide.
This time I felt I had seen enoug of Radiohead. It was my sixth show with them. And they seem to be losing the plot a bit.
On record sounding less and less like a band and more like an electronic solo project of Thom Yorke. A sort of music that
they actually perform well live - which makes me wonder why the hell they don't also PLAY it as that on record - but
the music has lost a lot of the dynamics known from their best stuff because it's gone more "techno".
So maybe I'll leave the boat here at this point. Nice way to say goodbye to the lads. "Give Up The Ghost" was
the high point of the show - an acoustic ballad almost solo. But also some of the older rocking songs that were not just
the same beat and melody through-out as lots of the new stuff. Well, enough about that.
The last photo is one of the usual examples of local transport authorities (in any city) that does not take into
account that a huge rock show just happened and felt no need to adjust it's number of trains from Wühlheide. I was lucky
to get onboard.


Lars Kjær Dideriksen