First time with three trips to Berlin in a year. All of a sudden we had put on another SOPA Night. Born out of a wish from Leonard Davies to do a couple of duets with Marzipan Marzipan at another occasion down there. And then we were kind of full circle. Returning to where it kind of started with SOPA. Not only the friendship with Zelda Panda / Marzipan Marzipan, but the city where we had the very first SOPA Night in 2007. Back then it was at Ausland - this time it was at Antje Öklesund.
December is a tough month to attract audience for anything not directly and overly christmassy, but it was a great night where playfulness ensured that artists joined each other... criss-crossing between the acts on stage.
I had the pleasure of not only dj'ing, but also playing to songs on ukulele with Marzipan Marzipan: "Warm Storm" by Giant Sand and "Watching The Wheels" by John Lennon. Two nights in a row even. You can see and hear a bit of the latter at the first video below.

Video with highlights from the performances at the SOPA Night at Antje Öklesund

Margareth Kammerer performing "Circus" with Big Daddy Mugglestone.

Sister Chain & Brother John performing "Who Made Who".

Sister Chain & Brother John performing "96 Tears".


This time by train - with travel companion Leonard Davies (of Fallen Men etc.)

Dropping by Steve Morell at Pale Music with some Danish vinyl coutesy of Fallen Men.

Getting ready for the SOPA Night at Antje Öklesund.

The music of SOPA can also please audience members from the animal kingdom.

Marzipan Marzipan with Big Daddy Mugglestone.

Margareth Kammerer performing with Big Daddy Mugglestone. Was quite touched that she
played her amazingly beautiful song "Circus", because she knew how much I like it.
Grazie mille, Maggie! Be sure to also check out her electric guitar version here.

9 a.k.a. Marco Brosolo (with beautiful new guitar).

Big Daddy and Marzipan doing a song in Italian with 9.

Sister Chain & Brother John... dramatically, theatrically, rockingly...

Leonard Davies in decadent disco mode.

Marzipan Marzipan setting up for at gig at Sepp Maiers 2raumwohnung.

Very cozy place for small concerts.

A few duets with Leonard Davies. Big Daddy Mugglestone and I also took part.

Rocking the 2raumwohnung.

Post-show photography phool-around.

Dramatic poses.

Cruisin' through semi-snowy Berlin to the sounds of mighty groovy dub-era Grace Jones.
On cassette tape, of course.

The Hunters doing a christmas hoe-down at the Irish pub around the corner.

Moving on to Sowieso for the big The Hunters christmas show.

Also had guests along, like Marzipan Monroe (with Chain Russell), although not picture here.

A quite cozy evening all in all - with friends from Aarhus also joining in.

A few non-country encores at the bar in the wee hours.

"Waterloo Sunset" being one of them. Beautiful.

Late hour Sowieso.

Lars Kjær Dideriksen