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ÅRHUS:NU is a book and cd that was released in April of 2004. It is a snapshot of the music scene in Denmark's second-largest city: Aarhus. It contains interviews with bands, labels and concert organizers, has great photos of them and is written in Danish.

The cd is the audible companion to the book and contains music from all the artists in the book as well as others (why not fill up the entire cd with good music when there was space for it?).

While the book might not make much sense to anyone not able to read Danish the cd most certainly will. The music speaks for itself. Aarhus has plenty of great music.

Best greets,

Lars Kjær Dideriksen, editor


The book:
110 pages (in Danish)
Photos for each article.

The cd:
15 tracks
77 minutes

The price:
40 DDK
+ 22 DDK shipment
= 62 DDK
= rougly 8 euro (of august 2005)
= rougly 10 US dollars (of august 2005)
...if you order through this site from inside Denmark.

If you live outside Denmark we suggest you order it through the webshop at Gaffa where you can use VISA and MasterCard.

BUY IT HERE! Aarhus: Scavenger Records - Badstue Rock - Bog & Idé Clemens Torv - Dandelion Records - Drum City - GAD Stakbogladen - GAD Studiebogladen - K.F. Møller - LYNfabrikken - Rock City - Route 66 - Voxhall. Copenhagen: Route 66. Online: århus:nu - Gaffa - Morningside Records